A typical Zombie Slaher


Monster name:Zombie slasher

{{Stat Block 2

A zombie slasher is a human corpse fitted with blades and brought back to life using dark magic.

|al=5 |size= 4 feet tall |type=undead |init=3 |listen=3 |spot=4 |ac=2 |touch=4 |flat=4 |hp=19 |hd=5 |fort=6 |ref=4 |will=0 |spd= 5 squares |bab=6 |grp=7 }}

Meelee: Slash(+5), Jump(+6) , Bite(+3 no infection, poison , or disease

Strategies and TacticsEdit

   The Zombie Slaher will stare your characters down until one moves from one spot to another or if your characters attack the Slasher.
===Sample Encounters===
In a room filled with potions, wands, and other wizard's items, you notice a Zombie Slasher, crouching near the items, staring at you, as if gaurding them.


 Human Zombie, eats flesh



Typical Physical Characteristics:

   Supernaturally quick, fast to strike 




This creature's flesh hangs down from it's bones. You can tell that it was once a living human being. And two swords are attached to the ends of the monstrositie's arms, instead of hands.

Typical TreasureEdit

 Always two swords Chance of gold  

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