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Date Created: 2/25/10
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Balance: Fighter

Zen Combat Fellow [{{#arraymap: Subsidy|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::You bring oneness to your point-buy system by unifying the ability scores for several feats. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: Choose an ability, then see below

Subsidy Feat Bonuses are based on what other feats you possess.

  • Combat Reflexes: You get bonus Attacks of Opportunity based on the chosen ability instead of Dexterity.
  • Weapon Finesse: Use the chosen ability instead of Dexterity.
  • Brutal ThrowComplete Adventurer: Use the chosen ability instead of Strength.
  • Crossbow SniperPlayer's Handbook II: Use the chosen ability instead of Dexterity for the damage bonus.

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