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Lesser Deity
Symbol: An Eye inside a scrying orb.
Home Plane: The Astral Plane
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Adventurers, Groups, Friends
Clergy Alignments: N
Domains: Healing, Protection, Mind, Travel, Water, Earth
Favored Weapon: Improvised weapons

Summary:: Zai'Krom enjoys watching over groups of friends who work together, He ensures they are protected and can stay together. Zai'krom is a relatively friendly god who is willing to help out those who pray to him for either guidance or protection. In his boredom he sometimes feels the need to interact with groups of people whether or not it is to test their friendship or to aid them on an adventure. He is known for his interaction with his followers and often appears at convenient times, and sometimes pointless times.

Dogma Edit

Zai'Krom encourages his followers to work together as a group and use their skills wisely. when a task of to much for a group he is can sometimes be willing to help if he feels there are no other ways. He does not care if the group has a good purpose or an evil purpose as long as they are doing it together. Zai'Krom discourages against internal conflict within a group as well as other abandoning their party. Traitors are the most looked down on and are often punished.

Clergy and Temples Edit

The clergy often pray as a group and rarely in solitude unless they have become separated from their group by means other than choice. Adventuring parties often carry amulets or symbols of his on them to attract his attention. His temples are generally small and are just a statue and can be used as a way for the party to ask for favors or guidance.

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