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Zacharael (3.5e Deity)

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  • Spell Compendium

The taciturn Watcher God is a very laid back and quite sort. He is said to be a giant made of shadow with glowing eyes like stars, and vague featureless form. He cares for little, preferring to observe the world. Life is a book, and he calmly reads the story for better or worse, for it is the journey that ultimately brings enjoyment. He is said to be a very boring god, but he grants his followers with knowledge, which for the scholarly is invaluable. As such he has a strong following in the intellectual communities.

Zacharael is a god of the Nibiru Pantheon.


Zacharael desires to learn all there is to know. He does not follow any particular path of good or evil in this quest, and is content to simply be. His followers take suit, bothering as few as they can in their quest for knowledge.

Clergy and Temples

Wizards often take up Zacharael's mantle, but his temples are more libraries than places of worship. His clergy would wish nothing more than be able to experience their god's multiversal view of all things as they pass. They may wear drab gray cloaks and have little impact on others, but their own minds are buzzing with new information.

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