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Symbol: A white oroboros
Home Plane: Radiance Beyond Time and the Astral Sea
Alignment: TN
Portfolio: Time, space, creation, and change.
Clergy Alignments: All
Domains: CeleritySpC, Creation, FateSpC, MysticismSpC, PortalSpC, TimeSpC, Travel
Favored Weapon: Tail Slap and Bastard Sword

Summary::Barely sentient creator god of Cor, the primal chaos from which all existance spawned, and the guardian of time. It is said that Ylem-Soth is somehow related to Yad-Soth, an Elder Evil of all things. The connection beyond appearance is not entirely clear, but Yad-Soth's death may have spawned Ylem-Soth to arise, if not actual be a diefied Yad-Soth. In any case, the creator god is responsible for the birth of Cor and all of its unique dieties, but does not play an active roll in it beyond observation and performing cosmic duties beyond mortal kin.

Ylem-Soth is said to be a massive cosmic worm, pale white and its body constantly swirling as if a gaseous tornado. Its said its body is partly composed of the temporeal plane and if one were to find and enter it they would be whisked away to a time and place unknown.

Dogma Edit

Ylem-Soth has no active dogma, other than observance and change. If things become stagnent, or world-threatening events occur, Ylem-Soth may be moved unto action and its presence felt via legendary heroes of time and space, who ensure creation is not destroyed.

Clergy and Temples Edit

Ylem-Soth is worshiped as a creator, but recognized to be largely unthinking and alien, thus granted respect that one would give mother nature. The fury of the storm, the blessing of the harvest, such things are nature's work, but hardly through direct inteligence. Rather give thanks for existance to be what it is. Temples are cryptic towers which rise high above, and often have observatories to gaze into the cosmos.

Pantheon Edit

Ylem-Soth is part of the Cor pantheon.

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