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3rd EditionEdit

Core BooksEdit

3rd Edition AccessoriesEdit

3rd Edition AdventuresEdit

3rd Edition SourcebooksEdit

3rd Edition Web ContentEdit

There is quite a bit of 3rd edition web and web-enhanced content. Follow the links to the Wizards product pages to view these enhancements.

Revised 3rd EditionEdit

3.5 Core BooksEdit

    3.5rd Edition AccessoriesEdit

    3.5rd Edition AdventuresEdit

    3.5rd Edition MiniaturesEdit

    3.5rd Edition SourcebooksEdit

    3.5rd Edition Web ContentEdit

    There is quite a bit of web and web-enhanced content for 3.5rd Edition.

    4th EditionEdit


    4th Edition AccessoriesEdit

    4th Edition AdventuresEdit

    4th Edition MiniaturesEdit

    4th Edition SourcebooksEdit

    4th Edition Web ContentEdit

    d20 ModernEdit

    Wizards d20 Modern Product Listing

    Star Wars RPGEdit

    First Edition

    Saga Edition



    Card Games



    Card GamesEdit

    • Wizards produces many other card games that are beyond the scope of this wiki.


    D&D MiniaturesEdit

    Star Wars MiniaturesEdit




    Computer GamesEdit

    • Dungeons and Dragons Online

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