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World Map
Clairsentience [Scrying]
Level: World Dominator 1
Display: Audible, Visual, Mental
Manifesting Time: Standard action
Range: 1 mile/level
Area: a square 100'/level to a side
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 1

As you concentrate, a ghostly square map appears in front of you, providing you with a cross-section of what you choose to observe. As this is a scrying ability, it can be detected and countered as such. Other characters can see the map.

Since you view a cross-section of the region, you may determine the current health percentage of any creature you view with a DC 30 heal check.


  • You can spend any number of additional power points to double the lengths of the sides of the square for each point spent. This does not follow D&D's multiplication rule.
  • You can spend 9 power points to give the square the ability to move. As a move action, you can move the square up to 10' per manifester level in any direction.
  • You can spend 4 power points to increase the range of World Map to "Anywhere on this plane" or 7 power points to increase its range to "Anywhere".
  • You can spend 5 power points to increase the duration of World Map to 1 hour/level.
  • You can spend 6 power points to have the World Map produce sounds as they are heard from a sensor at the location on the map you point at.
  • You can spend 3 power points to have the World Map have the appropriate flavors.

Template:3.5e World Dominator Powers Breadcrumb

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