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World Crystal (3.5e Deity)

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World Crystal


The World Crystal is usually viewed as a giant crystal of unknown size and composition, sitting in the center of the universe. Against the black backdrop of nothing, it is responsible for creating the light and dark gods, and the flow of time. It has no human or animal form and it's presence is subtle but omnipresent.

The World Crystal has many names, as it is also called Stone-Like (for its appearance), Adroa (that which possess darkness and light), and Unus (the first, the beginning, and that which cannot be broken down, the prime element).


It does not ask for much, for it is more a force of nature than a demanding lord. Those that follow it are much the same way and so worship of this deity, while widely known, is rare.

Clergy and Temples

Usually worship of the World Crystal is done in tandem with worshiping the other 4 gods, and thus their temples are its temples. Likewise clergies are rarely dedicated to the crystal alone.

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