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{{#set:Summary=You transform yourself into a wave of energy, escaping the grasp of your enemies. }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Boost}}

Wave Step
Anima River (Boost)
Level: Level::6
Prerequisite: Two Anima River maneuvers
Initiation Action: Standard
Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Target: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

Your opponent has grappled you, you're surrounded by solid fog, and things are looking grim. With a burst of energy, your body becomes a spiritual wave which races away in a flash!

Spiritual energy is less of a substance and more of a wave, a pulse of living energy that travels along the hidden aether. You have learned how to briefly become as such on the material plane, and thus can slip away in a flash. As a standard action you duplicate the effects of dimension door, with the following exceptions: You may not take along any other creatures, and it is not a teleportation effect. Indeed, your travel is simply supernaturally quick, so the path between point A and point B must have a clear passage, as small as a 2 inch hole. You may take any path to get there, such as up out of the mouth of the creature that has swallowed you, pass the solid fog, through the open window, and onto the roof, but any solid objects impede your passage. You ignore difficult terrain and effects which would hamper or slow your progress.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

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