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{{#set:Summary=Your spirit and body are one, and through will alone you can purge yourself of toxins. }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Counter}}

Vita Purge
Anima River (Counter)
Level: Level::3
Initiation Action: Standard
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

With a gentle sigh, you force the poison out of your mouth in a sickly green cloud which disperses harmlessly into the wind.

Your body and spirit are as one, and you have learned how to channel your spirit, to push out destructive energy, to empower itself, and to purge itself of toxins. As a standard action you may flush yourself of any mundane and magical poisons or disease. This maneuver cures 1d4 points of ability penalty or ability damage to a single ability score when used.

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