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{{#set:Summary=You sacrifice your own life force to empower the lives of others. }} {{#set:Discipline=Anima River|Type=Boost}}

Vita Pulse
Anima River (Boost)
Level: Level::7
Prerequisite: Three Anima River maneuvers
Initiation Action: Standard
Range: 60 ft.
Target or Area: Up to one creature per initiator level in a 60 ft. radius
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will half (harmless)

Your allies are wounded badly, yet you still stand. Focusing your energy, you sacrifice your own vitality so that others may stand and fight.

With a burst of light, you release your spiritual energy, losing power but restoring the bodies and spirits of others in your wind of positive energy. When you initiate this maneuver, you may sacrifice up to 5 hp per initiator level, and in return cure 5 hp for every 5 hp you sacrificed to all targets within range. While this is generally used to heal allies, you may target undead, in which case they are dealt 5 damage per every 5 hp you sacrificed, with a Will save DC 17 + Wisdom for half.

This maneuver is a supernatural ability.

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