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Date Created: 1st December 2008
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Versatile Combatant [Ranger]Edit

You have learned to combine attacks with the favoured weapons of the drow.

Tier: Heroic

Prerequisite: Ranger, proficiency with rapier and hand crossbow, two-weapon fighting style

Benefit: When you use a ranger power or ranger paragon path power that allows you to make multiple attacks of either ranged or melee (primary and off hand weapon) type (the power must allow you to choose between these two options), while weilding a rapier in your primary hand and a hand crossbow in your off-hand, you can instead choose to divide your attacks between melee attacks with your rapier and ranged attacks with your hand crossbow. If you do this, you must make at least one attack with each weapon. The attacks with your rapier count as melee attacks with your primary weapon and your attacks with your hand crossbow count as ranged attacks for the purposes of the power's effects.
In addition, you do not provoke opportunity attacks from adjacent foes when you make ranged attacks with a hand crossbow.

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