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Attempt 3Edit

Ok, so let me begin by saying I don't even know if we have featured articles on this wiki. We have a page for how to nominate articles, but none have been. Either way, I just picked a class I remembered had a cool picture and threw it on the page as a mock up. Some people might think adding author name to the front page is tacky, others might see it as giving credit where credit is due. I saw it as having 3 bullets, and I like the number 3. I've not bothered making a template for the featured article thing, so the raw text has been added, which is cluttered and gross and unprofessional, I know, and I'll fix it eventually. Otherwise, I'm thinking I'll swap out the "Chat" subsection with "News". Thoughts? --The Badger 18:41, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

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