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Since Help Was Asked... Edit

From first glance...
Needs more: Readability, tables, etc.
Needs less: Dead levels. --Ghostwheel 00:21, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, I'm quite well aware of that fact. However, 1st, I don't know how to make these tables(for that matter, how do I do that anyway? So confusing). 2nd, if you count how many times the demon form gets improved, it doesn't really leave all that many dead levels. Moreover, if I added more abilities, it would be a definite wizard level and I'm trying to keep it down to rogue. Why? Because ANYTHING can be buffed up to wizard, but how can you de-buff something down to rogue? That's a lot harder. When, and if, it's done, I could add an 'adaptability' note at the end on what changes are necessary to elevate it to Wizard level.
Eiji-dono, if you're reading this, the one I sent you is the original. What I have here was what became of the class after endless complaints at the GitP forums that it was a tier 3 at best (a.k.a. fighter level). All you have to do to change it to a strong fighter level is add the Touch of Ruin progression, so it can damage DR monsters.--Soulblazer 87 10:02, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

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