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Author's Note Edit

This was originally intended to be wholly wizard level, and it still can be if you just remove the spell restrictions. That said, some class abilities were changed or removed entirely to make it rogue level, so they might be a little underwhelming at the highest level of balance. At 320 spell levels per day at level 20 (assuming a four encounter day), it falls somewhere between the wizard and the sorcerer (273 and 367 spell levels per day, assuming 34 in the primary casting stat, provided my math is correct). The alchemist obviously better than both in the pure spontaneity of its casting, but its list is more restrictive than either of the others', which hinders it throughout the game, even with its versatility (no color spray, glitterdust, or web at early levels, no teleport or other staples later on, etc). -- Jota 21:48, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

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