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"Adventurers are in a situation akin to soldiers in a hot zone, or a swat team. Their lives depend on efficiency. You ever see a soldier in a combat zone use decidedly inferior equipment for personality reasons? Only briefly, I assure you. Characters optimize, like people in real life do. Anything else is poor roleplay."

This quote alway annoyed me to the highest point. First of all, unlike soldiers and swat team, adventurers are superhuman with big balls of steel. Soldiers and swat team don't have a choice, adventurer does. Adventurers also essentially don't know that they use feats, class levels and skill points (thus outside the realm of roleplay). To be a full-bred adventurer you need to optimize at least a little... which again don't really affect roleplay since you could play a sissy prince who got expulsed from family castle. Just venting. --Leziad 17:24, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

Compare though his abilities with the bow and arrow, as well as the need for stealth as a commando. A gun in that situation would have been highly inefficient, since the noise would have alerted an enemy while the bow allowed him to silently kill enemy soldiers on his more quiet missions. And while the analogy isn't perfect, it works because while adventurers are often superhumans with big balls of steel, they often face enemies who are the equivalent to ultrahumans with big balls of adamantine. Adventurers who don't perform well in combat often die--and I agree that feats, class levels, and so on are out of RP. Why, then, would someone take "Alertness" when it's "flavor-fully correct for their character"? (Yes, I've seen this happen before, and someone took Stealthy because "they were sneaky".) --Ghostwheel 19:55, November 23, 2009 (UTC)
I don't think RP have anything to do with optimization myself. Some feats are just terrible and by experience players will simply avoid them. Saying someone is a bad roleplayer because they take... say Samurai level is unnacurate. Although he could have taken fighter level without any problems, and made is character samurai-esque. Alertness is a waste of a feat, but not necessarily a case of bad RP. The analogy is pretty terrible, and have some points in common with the stormwind fallacy. Take point adventurers are more like Jack Churchil than any other soldier, and he is (was) the living proof this analogy is wrong. Ending words: Optimization /= Roleplaying. --Leziad 20:07, November 23, 2009 (UTC)
I think that the purpose of the quote, and what you're saying, is actually the same, but coming from different sides. The quote's saying that you shouldn't suck because you're trying to force flavor on your mechanical bits in a way that detriments your combat ability, "just because it feels right" (as is the case for the Stealthy feat on a sneaky character). --Ghostwheel 20:13, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

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