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Level 10 SGT Edit

Hurk is a Natural 9/Fighter 1. With +18 to combat maneuvers before strength and size, he's just going to guisarme or grapple everybody. He can push a combat maneuver up to almost 40, but he'd rather be invisible going into fights.

Equipment Ring of invisibility Ring of Mind Shielding Oil of silence Potion of pass without trace Potion of fly Potion of Bull's strength Potion of enlarge person

  • 0% A hallway filled with magical runes. He might save against the first one, but he's not getting through.
  • 100% A Fire Giant. Grapple, pin, kill
  • 100% A Young Blue Dragon. Grapple, pin, kill
  • 50-100% A Bebilith. Get grappled, pin, kill. Bibilith might never see him
  • 100% A Vrock. Only engaged when ... grapple, pin kill.
  • 50% A tag team of Mind Flayers. He kills one, the other kills him half the time because of his great saves.
  • 0-100% An Evil Necromancer.
  • 100% 6 Trolls. Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill. I think he has enough hitpoints...
  • 0-50% 12 Shadows. 32 hide, if they fight for some reason they win.

Wins 55-78% of fights, partly because I'm getting better at equipment selection. This is probably overpowered for rogue level, but I'm not sure. He'd probably be about right with a BAB of Good+Poor, capping out at +30 at level 20. That'd be a fair bit less than a fighter that's allowed to take +1 BAB as a bonus feat.

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