• Zanni

    French Tomes

    August 30, 2009 by Zanni

    Here I will put info and update in my search for the french tomes, or info if I decide to translate them mysel fin a busrt of madness.

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  • Zanni


    August 26, 2009 by Zanni

    After getting a computer (I sold my other one like... 4 month ago because I lost my job) I decided to join another D&D Community. Unsatisfied with the current french community I found dandwiki. The place was cool but kinda empty, they were some users like Hooper, Jay Freedman and Ghostwheel.

    These weren't too bad, they act like general unconverted (not familiar with the tomes). So thing were kinda ok, until Green Dragon show up...

    I am probably going to upload my stuff here now, maybe I still stalk dandwiki to comment on actually good classes (as rare as they are on dandwiki). Green Dragon beat all the records of madness I have seen, and I was back on the internet for like a week... damn.

    I have currently no email, because I am a paranoiac bi…

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