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August 11, 2009
  • ThunderGod Cid

    1. Sandboxes are your best friend: This site's adherence to quality control means that we don't let incomplete pages hang around for long. As such, any page with multiple incomplete sections will likely be labelled with the "Incomplete" template. But since no one prefers deletion, it will likely be much more common for your article to be moved to a Sandbox (which is a subpage of your userpage accessible by creating a page called "User:YourUserName/PageTitle") than it is for it to be deleted. This is very handy because whatever work you have already completed remains and you may edit your Sandboxes in just about whatever way you please, allowing you to tinker with Wiki-coding and formatting until you get the desired effect. This site also d…

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  • ThunderGod Cid

    On Balance Points

    December 10, 2009 by ThunderGod Cid

    A lot of words have been exchanged as of late concerning the perceived value of each particular Balance Point. Having heard from both sides of the issue (through observation if not direct conversation), my conclusion amounts to the following, which I have already related to some in several chat discussions. This just has a little more permanency. The crux of the argument as I’ve seen it is whether or not the Rogue Balance Point should be held up to the standard of being the ideal BP (for which Ghostwheel is the primary advocate). Many of the other respected users on the site (led by Surgo) have argued against this stance in favor of the idea that no BP be put onto a pedestal above the rest and that they all have their own merits. While I …

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