• Techpriest88

    In 4e, ability scores can improve somewhat rapidly by means of natural advancement. As always, the player has some choices to make, because - while all scores improve eventually - only the top two will do so very quickly. It can be expected that primary and secondary abilities will be increased at the rate of 3 points per tier (at every opportunity), whereas others will only increase 1 point (at 11th and 21st). This will lead to a gradually growing gap between a player's strengths and weaknesses.

    Ability scores contribute to the following:

    1. Attack rolls,
    2. Damage rolls,
    3. AC,
    4. Defenses,
    5. Skill and ability checks,

    Any given character will have access to attacks dependent upon only one or two abilities (assuming they don't go out of their way to mess that…

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