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  • Tarkisflux

    It's the third of my ongoing series of RNG rants (see rant one or rant two if you're interested), and I still can’t find a concise way to talk about expected bonus values. I'm starting to wonder if I ever will be able to do it in a blog. So in the meantime I’m going to rant about the system differences between single and multiple RNGs, which is really me just using short hand to talk about the deep effects of whether your system allows multiple growth tracks or not. Allowing multiple growth tracks means that you can have a potentially difficult DC for one group be a potentially easy DC for another group when the groups are the same level before counting situational adjustments, though this is generally more obvious at higher levels where t…

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  • Tarkisflux

    Breaking the RNG II

    February 26, 2010 by Tarkisflux

    In my last RNG rant, I talked about what it meant and how easy it was to do it and how hard it was to actually recognize it ahead of time because you have to determine what a level appropriate bonus even is in your game at your level. I was going to spend this one trying to explain how you determine what that bonus is at various levels and playstyles, but that turns out to be a seriously hard thing to write in a concise or even sensical way because the 3.x system is so broad at this point. And then a conversation over at TGD about the RNG suggested something else I could rant about, namely "when does leaving the RNG even matter?".

    Yes, that's right, there are times that you can break the RNG and it doesn't even matter. There are times when …

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  • Tarkisflux

    Breaking the RNG

    January 2, 2010 by Tarkisflux

    It actively frustrates me when I read about something new breaking the RNG or going off of it. Almost never does the person actually refer to the new ways that they break it or why it matters or in what context, instead they only just refer to some nebulous bad that breaking the RNG is supposed to represent. Like it’s a holy artifact to be cared for or looked upon warmly or some crap instead of the fidly, poorly maintained and cared for piece of DnD that it is. So I’m gonna rant about it for a while, and start getting at what it actually means to be off the RNG in a scaling system.

    Most of the regulars are familiar with the ideas behind the RNG, and how it’s pretty much broke in 3.x DnD. I imagine that some of our new users haven't heard of i…

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