Sup gaiz, requesting input on anything I put here. This includes any kind of potential abuse you see of the ability and a way of rectifying it.

The Advance Paladin

Will be a continuation of the Martial Paladin. The class will be, more than likely, SEVEN levels long, aiming for a final level of 17.

Resolute (Ex): You gain the effects of the Last to Fall feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.

Vengeful Infusion (Ex): Whenever an ally is killed or knocked out during combat by an enemy, you gain temporary hit points equal to the fallen ally's hit die and a +2 bonus to strength. You cannot gain this bonus twice from the same ally per encounter. This effect is not triggered by any ally gained through any class features or feats.

moar 2 come, plox comment on current abilities and also suggestions if you REALLY want.

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