This is an evolving document, especially as we all figure out the system more.

Basic Rules

  • You get "Powerful"-level Heroic points, as well as a gob of cash (still figuring out how much) to spend on equipment (which is just Powers, in the form of cybernetics/bio-enhancements/gene therapy/whatever). I'm still figuring out equipment pricing and all that.
  • Max SPD you can buy with character points alone is 4 (that's the upper limit, not the amount you can buy).
  • There is no Energy Defense; it is folded into Physical Defense. It's just too niche for this sort of game.
  • Base skill roll is 8 + (CHAR/4), not 9 + (CHAR/5)
  • Everyman skills:
    • Cryptography
    • Deduction
    • Interrogation
    • Mechanics
    • Stealth
    • Any one Professional or Science skill.

The Setting

Heavily influenced by Maishin and similar short cyberpunk works. It's the kind of dystopian grimdark you'd expect out of classic cyberpunk.

The state of the world: there are four superpowers: United States, China, Russia, and Japan. All the countries you have now are pretty much still in place, with some exceptions:

  • Mexico is a lot stronger, kind of like Canada.
  • South America is a lot more unified. Most of it is taken up by Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.
  • Africa as well is a lot more unified, by I'll only go into detail there when it becomes necessary.
  • Megacorps: think of today's megacorps (Microsoft, General Electric, and whatnot) -- they all are still there, but they are all cyberpunk-level megacorps. They're given the usual far-greater-autonomy, like their own beneficial laws and "security forces" and whatnot. While Microsoft "answers" to the United States, they basically own the state of Washington and of course get away with whatever they want.

Space travel sucks, but it's become pretty cheap to do it with robots -- so there's asteroid mining, and a moon-base I suppose, and all sorts of satellites, but not much else.

The internet: think Lain, or The Ends of the Matrix.

Everybody starts wherever they want, really. Up to you to figure it out.

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