• Surgo

    This is an evolving document, especially as we all figure out the system more.

    • You get "Powerful"-level Heroic points, as well as a gob of cash (still figuring out how much) to spend on equipment (which is just Powers, in the form of cybernetics/bio-enhancements/gene therapy/whatever). I'm still figuring out equipment pricing and all that.
    • Max SPD you can buy with character points alone is 4 (that's the upper limit, not the amount you can buy).
    • There is no Energy Defense; it is folded into Physical Defense. It's just too niche for this sort of game.
    • Base skill roll is 8 + (CHAR/4), not 9 + (CHAR/5)
    • Everyman skills:
      • Cryptography
      • Deduction
      • Interrogation
      • Mechanics
      • Stealth
      • Any one Professional or Science skill.

    Heavily influenced by Maishin and similar sh…

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  • Surgo

    All About the Break-Up

    August 26, 2009 by Surgo

    I'm going to try to explain the process of creating this new site as clearly as I can, for the purposes of anyone out there who comes across here and is confused.

    The head administrator of the old wiki is named Green_Dragon. For many months he was inactive except for arriving every two weeks to make some random change. More often than not, this change would vastly annoy virtually every other active user. When the change would be reverted or a user would post a comment about it, Green_Dragon would get extremely pissy. This was the state of affairs on the old wiki for about a year.

    The action that caused us all to leave and found our own wiki is really an extension of the run-up. The active users were extremely displeased with the old rating s…

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