• Sam Kay

    I recently had to build a character for a D&D 4th Edition game. This time, however, we will have new players in the group. Accordingly, to make everything easier for the new players, I was to build a character without homebrew material. No problem.

    Or it shouldn' be.

    Except that it is me were talking about. The crazy lunatic spider guy who refuses to play a rogue (or whatever) in the standard flavour. Vanilla rogues. How boring (for me), even after I've spiced things up by making my rogue a drow. So, what to do?

    Well, for a start, the drow have always been my favourite race to play—especially since they have a strong connection to spiders! So, I started with a drow. Thankfully, all of the party roles were already filled, so I could play any r…

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  • Sam Kay


    August 27, 2009 by Sam Kay

    So, my first blog. And, as I am best known on this site for my many spidery creations, it seems to me that my first blog should be on the subject of spiderkind in the D&D game.

    Why spiders?

    For thousands of years, spiders have had a special place in mythology, from the Greco-Roman legend of Arachne (who, for those who don't know, was turned into a spider for beating a goddess in a weaving contest), to the depictions of spiders in Moche art. Even today, spiders have a special place in our stories, such as Shelob, Ungoliant and Aragog in The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter respectively.

    Spiders are so prominient in so many creative works for so many good reasons. Many people fear even small spiders, so, on the side of evil, there is nothing …

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