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3.5 and 4e. MY thoughts.

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Sooo.... yesterday I re-learnt 3.5, it seems among the online play by post community it is more popular. Not that 4e play by post doesn't exist but its ahrdly as wide spread, and I don't know why. 4e is a good game, but so is 3.5 so I geuss some people jsut where used to the system and didnt want to move on or I'm missing something.

As far as I can tell...

I like 3.5 because... Large array of choices, especially among spell casters. It widely played, and its a good and enjoyable game More interesting to work with then 4e, less NO YOU CANT DO THAT IT WILL RUIN THE GAME BALANCE (kinda cause game balance is here and there...)

I like 4e... As a DM it is easier to prepare, monsters are all on a strict level compared to pcs when it comes to hit points attack bonuses and defenses. All classes are on a equal level. More exciting quick paced combat agaisnt normal monsters (see dislikes below).

I dont like 3.5 because.... Dming preparation is a bitch, it takes to long to make monsters and this makes free forming at the table preatty hard, if I player ignore any plot I have prepared for I hav to somehow cobble together challenges should they start fights/ The lack of a proper balance or and actual point where pcs can fight monsters of there cr ect... What is a prestige class? What makes a class a prestige class? Munchkins :S

I dont like 4e because... MEchanics are very moduler in the books, and its ahrd to make homebrew that is unique. Solos are basiclly big bags of hp that take to long to kill... Characters are limited on what they can do on account of them all having evry little they can now do. RITUALS SKILL CHALLENGES Less fluff...

So what do you guys think?

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