Exactly what it say on the tin, I be DMing a IRC/chat game 3.5e game (I could be convinced to play another system).

Probably have a lot of homebrew stuff in, I am a very open DM. I will however maintain a character standard, in order to maintain coherence between the party and the spirit of the setting/game.

I make the houserules based on which player I get, trusted players have a sure post. N00bs are welcomed too, I will just ask you a few questions before beginning.

I have a possible settings in mind: Tunnel-Dweller/Underdark campaign, actually pretty different from FR underdark.

More informations about this setting is coming, it pretty unique in it outlook despite the failure of a description I posted above.

Don't get ahead of yourself, avoid posting character concept. If you are interested post 3 things:

  • Your name/nickname
  • A small list of preference for the game: ECL, Point Buy, houserules etc.
  • Your time and hours of availability (Include your GMT)

I am looking for 3-4 players, although I can DM for up to 5 players.

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