Multi-User setting

So I post a second blog about this, the mian idea is simple. A multi-user setting using home brew races, each user using homebrew material to make a single nation within a war-torn continent. Each user will also make a deity, a plane and some other things. The most user we have the better it is.

If you have more question just meet me on the wiki chat or just put it right there, it will be answered.

Now posting some very basic rules.

Very Basic Rules

  • 1. Try to use only original homebrew content, avoid copyrighted stuff from video game/movie. This will be harshly enforced for races.

DOING IT WRONG: The land of Spira is inhabited by Na'vi and....

  • 2. Places on the continent will be assigned depending on the climate of you're country, discussing wit neighbours nation's author would be a good idea. We consider most nations have trade relation with each other, but love/hate is alway stronger with their neighbours.

DOING IT WRONG: The nation of Spira is greatly isolationist, they hate human and often go to war with them. (fun fact: Their only neighbours are lizardfolks)

  • 3. Avoid Mary-Suetopia, you don't want you country/race hated like kenders.

DOING IT WRONG: In the nation of Spira everyone is happy and aligned with nature, everyone envy them and they all reconize the Spirian king as their spiritual liege, even the ultramarines.

  • 4. Similar to above, avoid make you're nation the greatest evah!. Sadly military standing is a big part of the setting, it perfectly reasonable for a SPARTA-like civilization to be militarily stronger than the nation of tree-hugging elven centaurs. Avoid giving powerful plot device to you're country (especially if it make other redundant).

DOING IT WRONG: The nation of Spira have enough military power to crush all other forces united witha single unit of highly trained warriors.

  • 5. When making the united history, don't dominate the fluff.

DOING IT WRONG: The Spirian plant hivemind controlled all history, it the one behind the assassination of the first lizardfolk emperor and the rise of his son as demon prince.

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