Planning to a chat game on the wiki IRC, so far I am planning a high fighter-level/low rogue-level post apocalyptic. I probably update this blog, anyway just post you're application here. No character concept is needed yet.

Okay latest details:

I played with idea, we are going to play mid-rogue to low-wizard, depending on the level of the game the concept will change slightly.

  • Mid-Rogue: Common hardened wastelanders, not much to tell about that.
  • High-Rogue: Badass Wastelander, a dude afraid of nothing with balls of titanium-plated iron. I only allow partial spellcasting.
  • Low-Wizard: The descendant of a super-soldier program, stronger, faster and tougher than even the most badass wastelander. For this one I allow full spellcasting to a limit.

Some Houserules:

  • 24 points build (36 for wizard).
  • Half-Hp per level (full with wizard).
  • Some improved firearm rules.
  • ECL 4

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