• Leziad

    Recruiting for a Chat/IRC Game

    September 13, 2010 by Leziad

    Exactly what it say on the tin, I be DMing a IRC/chat game 3.5e game (I could be convinced to play another system).

    Probably have a lot of homebrew stuff in, I am a very open DM. I will however maintain a character standard, in order to maintain coherence between the party and the spirit of the setting/game.

    I make the houserules based on which player I get, trusted players have a sure post. N00bs are welcomed too, I will just ask you a few questions before beginning.

    I have a possible settings in mind: Tunnel-Dweller/Underdark campaign, actually pretty different from FR underdark.

    More informations about this setting is coming, it pretty unique in it outlook despite the failure of a description I posted above.

    Don't get ahead of yourself, avoi…

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  • Leziad

    36 Points build

    CR 20: We use CR instead of ECL, so you play as a CR 6 creature. Determining the CR of your character is simple, (Base CR + 1 per Character). Human and other core race (or race without LA normally) get a CR of 0. If you take a monster, determine the stat bonus using 10-11 and add +1 to the Cr of the monster you will play ( so a Succubus is CR 8). Why +1? Because you don't use 10-11 :P so you are stronger. If you want to play a monster you need my approval, I can disallow any particular monsters I see fit.

    Gold: We're using Book of Gears

    Ability scores, Leveling, and Feats: Feats are at each oddlevel.

    Background Feat: Yes

    Flaws: Yes, only one.

    Traits: Yes

    • Mithril is useful on weapons! Mithril weapons now are reduced one category in…
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    Multi-User Setting

    March 7, 2010 by Leziad

    So I post a second blog about this, the mian idea is simple. A multi-user setting using home brew races, each user using homebrew material to make a single nation within a war-torn continent. Each user will also make a deity, a plane and some other things. The most user we have the better it is.

    If you have more question just meet me on the wiki chat or just put it right there, it will be answered.

    Now posting some very basic rules.

    • 1. Try to use only original homebrew content, avoid copyrighted stuff from video game/movie. This will be harshly enforced for races.

    DOING IT WRONG: The land of Spira is inhabited by Na'vi and....

    • 2. Places on the continent will be assigned depending on the climate of you're country, discussing wit neighbours nation…

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  • Leziad

    Chat Game

    February 19, 2010 by Leziad

    Planning to a chat game on the wiki IRC, so far I am planning a high fighter-level/low rogue-level post apocalyptic. I probably update this blog, anyway just post you're application here. No character concept is needed yet.

    Okay latest details:

    I played with idea, we are going to play mid-rogue to low-wizard, depending on the level of the game the concept will change slightly.

    • Mid-Rogue: Common hardened wastelanders, not much to tell about that.
    • High-Rogue: Badass Wastelander, a dude afraid of nothing with balls of titanium-plated iron. I only allow partial spellcasting.
    • Low-Wizard: The descendant of a super-soldier program, stronger, faster and tougher than even the most badass wastelander. For this one I allow full spellcasting to a limit.

    Some …

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  • Leziad

    Long run projects

    August 29, 2009 by Leziad

    So one day, when I was bored I had a wonderful idea: Why not take the wikia's finest designer and thinker to make an awesome campaign setting?

    Making a CS take a colossal amount of efforts, upload it one a strict formatting wiki is even harder, not even considering the time taken to learn the wiki's formatting. But as a team it would be significantly easier, and two heads is alway better than one (almost alway).

    Just rambling, anyway I want to gather volunteer, if anyone want to participate or simply talk about it just post a comment on my blog or talk to be through ironcity.

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