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Well this is something my mind cooked up and it's just an idea but here is an idea on how to rate classes on a scale of 1 to 100 with 0 to 25 being Monk level, 25 to 50 being Fighter level, 50 to 75 being roudge level, and lastly 75 to 100 being wizard level: All the following are out of ten points:

Base Attack Bonus:

2 points: 1/2 HD

5 points: 3/4 HD

8 points: 3/4 HD Tome, or Full HD

10 points: Full HD Tome

Bonus feats (or similiar):

5: None

7: Every 4 or 5 levels

9: Every other level


0: No spellcasting

3: Some Spell-like abilities

5: As ranger

7: As Bard

10: Full, as wizard


3: One good save

7: Two good saves

10: Three good saves

Skill points per level:

4: 2 Skill points

6: 4 Skill points

8: 6 Skill points

10: 8 Skill points


3: d4

5: d6

7: d8

9: d10

10: d12

Weapon and shield proficiency:

4: Simple Weapons

6: Simple Weapons and shields (Except tower shield)

8: Martial Weapons and Shields(Except tower shields)

10: Martial Weapons and shields


0: No armor proficiency and lose class abilities if worn

3: None

5: Light

7: Medium

9: Heavy

Class Features(Spellcasting Included as one):

2: Weak (Think monk)

5: Average (Think Fighter)

7: Good (Think Rogue)

9: Excellent (Druid)

Overall Power(how it all comes together):

2: Very Weak (Monk)

5: Weak (Fighter)

7: Average (Rogue)

9: Good (Wizard)

Add all these together and then apply the following modifiers:

Divine Spellcasting +10

Arcane Spellcasting +20

Limited Spellcasting (Spells known) -5

For Spellcasters only:

Spell Selection: out of 10 points



8:Druid or Cleric

10: Wizard/Sorcerer

Multiple Ability Dependancy -20

Single Ability Dependancy +10

Maneuvers +25

Martial Class -15

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