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    Rating Classes

    November 2, 2009 by Idkwhatmynameis

    Well this is something my mind cooked up and it's just an idea but here is an idea on how to rate classes on a scale of 1 to 100 with 0 to 25 being Monk level, 25 to 50 being Fighter level, 50 to 75 being roudge level, and lastly 75 to 100 being wizard level: All the following are out of ten points:

    Base Attack Bonus:

    2 points: 1/2 HD

    5 points: 3/4 HD

    8 points: 3/4 HD Tome, or Full HD

    10 points: Full HD Tome

    Bonus feats (or similiar):

    5: None

    7: Every 4 or 5 levels

    9: Every other level


    0: No spellcasting

    3: Some Spell-like abilities

    5: As ranger

    7: As Bard

    10: Full, as wizard


    3: One good save

    7: Two good saves

    10: Three good saves

    Skill points per level:

    4: 2 Skill points

    6: 4 Skill points

    8: 6 Skill points

    10: 8 Skill points


    3: d4

    5: d6

    7: d…

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