I am Eiji of the former D&D Wiki, a man who has had a long history, acting as original, moderator, and eventually head admin of Cyberchat, and as former admin of the D&D Wiki before it crashed and burned due to silly teenage-level antics. Upon that story I bring you a tale, a tale of Eiji the Wiki Admin. For once upon a time elected by vote was Eiji brought to service. Well liked was he, social, a contributor of hundreds of articles, and generally a nice guy. I don't make enemies, I make friends. I even helped those who were truly difficult to aid, like Jason Bagby, and others who seemed to have no idea how to make things work. Truly I was the "good cop".

Then, I went on vacation for a week.

It seems others were debating changes to the scoring system. I had no strong opinions on the matter, but good for them I felt. Having said nothing and never having been involved, it would seem to me it would not effect me. However, Green Dragon, the owner of the Wiki, someone who I considered to be at least a reasonable rational adult for being able to own such a thing, seems to have gotten into a tiff with those who wished to changed the scoring system. So, what would a reasonable adult do when someone disagrees with you on the internet?

Well, obviously de-promote everyone including those not even involved, ban them, and shut down the entire site.

Such was what I returned to upon my vacation's end. As you can imagine it was not the best news. Hoping it was some hacker's prank, alas, no, this was Green Dragon. A man who went out of his way to ensure to cross out references of me being an admin from my own user page. A man who to this day squabbles and regularly bans people for little more than saying "this doesn't seem right". A man who to date holds my creative works hostage there, as I would be unable to delete them or request their deletion, much less radically change the contents. A man who has driven away just about every user I know.

And so, may he enjoy his lonely little Wiki. Surgo has given us a new field to live in. I'm sure it will be profitable with no hits. Well, at least he has Jason Bagby, right?

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