• Ben Overon


    November 17, 2010 by Ben Overon

    AS a DM, I haave certain rules and regulations that I require of my players. As such, I have no out-of-control PCs, though NPCs may run rampant. The house rules are as follows:

    1) THE RULING OF THE DM IS ALWAYS FINAL. 2) Alert the DM if the DM breaks a rule. The DM will review the broken rule and correct the error purely at his own purveiw. 3) Elves are evil. ALWAYS. 4) All elite characters can cast animal friendship as the spell at will, except that it is applicable to animals, beasts, and magical beasts. 5) PCs cannot talk to NPCs about ranks, levels, or alignments (unless the NPC is an outsider of an aligned plane). 6) Epic level CANNOT be achieved without the DM's permission. In this case, epic level refers to class levels, not LA or EC…

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