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  • Aarnott

    Anyone who has talked to me recently has probably learned pretty quickly that I am all for Ghostwheel's Toxinblade class and the mechanics that go with it. This post is primarily meant for my own use so that I can document what I like about this concept and what elements of design most successfully use it.

    Why it works

    In D&D, good class design has progressed towards the 4th edition idea of having abilities that are at-will, once per encounter, or once per day. Each ability can be weighted against its usages. One thing I like about a points pool system is that the line between at-will and once per encounter can be greatly blurred to create a more flexible ability set. An ability can be weighted at a high number of points per usage, which eff…

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  • Aarnott

    I have always found the concept of prestige classes somewhat strange. The whole point of a prestige class is supposed to be that you "become" that class. The rogue that takes assassin levels is no longer a rogue. He now is an assassin. This idea makes a bit of sense. There are generic classes that specialize into a particular job.

    Unfortunately, the mechanics do not work this way. In order to have Jim the rogue actually be an assassin, he would have to take 10 assassin levels. This leaves room for 10 other levels (before he starts taking epic assassin levels). What would he take? Probably another prestige class. And if he wants to be powerful, that may be several prestige classes. All of the sudden, is Jim an invisible blade assassin? What ab…

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