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August 11, 2009

TG Cid here. Many of the users that previously used this site (myself included) have moved, and so I've taken most of my stuff with it. If you still wish to use my work, you can find it at the new site. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Jota & Cid

Medium (3.5e Class): A spiritual medium capable of communicating with the dead and channeling their emotions.

My Contributions

Base Classes

Tenken: My take on the fast moving Dexterity-based fighter class

Mystic Blade: Binding sorcery and steel, a mystic blade boasts high spells per day and the ability to cast effectively in armor.

Hivemaster: A warrior who brings swarms of insects to her side to aid her in both attack and defense.

Martial Disciplines

Amaranth Eclipse: For martial adepts looking for a little more bang for their buck in melee combat.


Hivemaster Feats

Aspect of the Ant

Aspect of the Beetle

Aspect of the Caterpillar

Aspect of the Centipede

Aspect of the Cockroach

Aspect of the Firefly

Aspect of the Gerridae

Aspect of the Mantis

Aspect of the Mosquito

Aspect of the Pillbug

Aspect of the Queen Bee

Aspect of the Scorpion

Aspect of the Spider

Aspect of the Stinkbug

Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp

Amaranth Eclipse Feats

Nightmare Fuel

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