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Coat of Arms

This is a mundane looking heavy blue coat, which can be worn over a cloak, robe, suit of armor, or other clothes. However, when the command word is spoken arms grow out of the back of the cloak. These arms function as another set of arms, capable of preforming typical tasks, including activating magical items, climbing ladders, pick-pocketing, and even fighting. The arms of this cloak have strength and dexterity scores of 14, and have access to every feat taken by the wearer (ie Two-Weapon fighting, Rapid Reload, Improved Unarmed Strike, etc). Rings, gloves, gauntlets, and other magical items can be worn on these arms, but when the arms vanish, the items will fall to the ground (rather than stay on the arms to come back later).

Moderate Transmutation; CL 8th; Craft Wondrous Item; Polymorph; Price: 86,400 gp

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