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Scary, or other (hopefully) otherwise interesting rooms

Players in my campaign should probably stay off this page, as I might want to include some of these one day, and they wouldn't want to spoil the surprise(Right?).

Room with 6 floors

The plan here is to have a room with 6 floors. I'm not entirely sure how the mechanic will work, but this idea is to let characters walk up walls as if they were walking on the floor. The current plan is as follows:

The party has found a knotted rope leading up through a 5 foot hole in the ceiling of a cave, and logically they begin to climb up. The rope is hanging in mid air, attached to nothing, and stops about 5 feet after leaving the hole (through which the players are climbing). The hole is 5 feet in diameter in the center of a 25 x 25 foot room. There are no doors in the room, but there is another hole in the ceiling (the walls are about 35 or 40 feet tall). After tugging on the rope, they realize it's not going anywhere and begin to climb the walls (which are worked stone with the occasional stalactite (I guess technically they are all stalagmites, but whatever), but there are enough hand holds to climb slowly). Here is the fun part: The instant a character touches a wall to begin climbing they "fall" onto the wall. When they get up and look back, all of their party is "standing" on a wall, parallel to the ground. The idea is to say every time a character "falls" onto a different floor, it's as if they are under a Daze spell(only one that actually affects higher level characters). Not enough to ruin combat (yes, there will be combat), but enough to make things interesting, and logically realistic (the idea being if you just "fell" onto the wall and are now walking on it as if it were the floor, you're going to be a little confused for a few seconds). Either way, so at this point hopefully everyone will want to give the wall-floors a try, and will begin climbing. The biggest trouble is here. I'm trying to figure out how to map where each character is while they climb. The current plan is to use the net of a cube and be careful about how "floor changes" happen (Suggestions welcome). By this time the entire party will likely be running around making tons of noise and trying to "jump/fall" to opposite walls (I don't know about everyone else, but the average mental age in my party is 6). Now I introduce the monsters. First thought is a dragon, but I think something like Shadows (or something else with perfect flight) would be more interesting , as they could float around being a real hazard. Each opposite wall is far enough apart that I don't think I'll have to worry about opposite wall flanking, but I will be doing a lot of the Pythagorean theorem to determine who is in range for what. After the monsters are dispatched, they crawl through the hole in what was once the ceiling, and proceed on to the next room.

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