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Zerg InfestationEdit

Those drawn into the infestor's corrupted body are immediately infested. They begin hearing the whispers of the zerg hive mind, making it difficult to work at cross-purposes to its will. They become ill as their bodies begin to mutate, lacking the direction of an infestor though, it can only go so far. Veins of yellow-brown run beneath their skin, forming a laticework of corrupted tissue, their eyes becoming orange as putrid, black fluids leak from every orifice. Finally thier mind is overcome and they fall under the sway of the hive mind, seeking to complete their transformation. Their bonds of friendship and loyalty are not yet completely purged -- though they may be shunned, due to their obvious infestation -- however, they will let nothing stand in the way of their newfound alegiance to the swarm.

Zerg Infestation
Level 16 Disease
Victims feel a outside presence influencing their minds even as their bodies rebel. Attack: See infestor.
Endurance Improve DC 29, maintain DC 26, worsen DC 25 or lower
The target is cured. Disease Arrow Left The target regains the lost healing surge and initial effect's penalty becomes -1. Disease Arrow Initial Effect The target loses a healing surge and takes a -2 penalty to attacks that include a zerg creature as a target. Disease Arrow The target loses an additional healing surge and the initial effect's penalty becoms -3. Disease Arrow The target must make a saving throw when attempting to attack a zerg creature (once per creature) or be unable to attack that creature during the encounter. Disease Arrow Right Final State The target is dazed. It does everything in its power to seek out agents of the Zerg.

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