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About me

I am one of the admins here, and have written a number of the templates. I am transitioning to the new wiki (see the discussion here for more information and a link), however, but I intend to keep an eye here for a bit longer. I'd like to see the material here in good hands, or at least hands that are going to wash our names off of things if the new community decides that they don't share the same desire to treat primary authorship of a work in the same way we did.

If you're interested in taking the reins here, please leave a message on my talk page.

I like ridiculously convoluted player driven campaigns (which means I generally prefer wizard balanced games in the 6-14 level range), math and probabilities, and gentlemen's agreements not to break the game (because they leave more interesting options on the table than just fixing it all).

I write crunchy bits, like the Tome of Prowess when I can find the time. While others can do the difficult work of putting working classes and options atop a system rife with pit falls and really complex issues, I prefer to tinker with the system itself to find a measure of balance. It's just easier for me (/shrug).

I also write a fair bit on The Gaming Den posting under the same name. It's not as nice a place as here or most other boards, so consider yourself warned if you decide to check it out.

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Redlink Dialogue

If anyone else hates the new redlink dialogue boxes, these links might be instructive:

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