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The original authors of the Tome material didn't like issuing errata. Here's a collection of issues that have been come across in the time since the release, and suggested fixes.

  • Fighters: change skill points to 4 + int per level (from 6 + int per level). This is less of a Fighter nerf than it is a Rogue buff -- Fighters just got too much benefit from skill feats, which were supposed to benefit rogues the most.
  • Clarify the Blitz feat's BAB +1 ability to only work on melee attacks. This just provides too much benefit for ranged attacks, as seen in some Fighter builds.
  • Insightful Strike feat: not necessarily "broken" yet, but the ability to increase your crit multiplier is something that should be carefully watched. Possible fix: increase crit multiplier by 1 instead of doubling.
  • The Monk's save-or-suck fighting style abilities can only affect any given person at most once per round.
  • Combat School BAB +6 clarification: the interpretation that you must hit with your signature moves (example: hit with both weapons in a two-weapon style) for the daze effect to work is the correct interpretation.

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