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Here are the basics. They will be updated and placed under proper format later. For now, just the code.

Also, this IS going to be wizard level.


Ranking to Spell equivalent:

  • D Ranks: 0-1 level
  • C Ranks: 2-3 level
  • B Ranks: 4-5 level
  • A Ranks: 6-7 level
  • S Ranks: 8-9 level

List: Sorcerer-Bard-Wu Jen (Same spell then highest level counts)

Learn Speed: D rank at 1st level. Next rank every four levels.

SF: No SF for light armor, normal for others.

Control Score: Intelligence (may increase or lower according to feats/class abilities)

Cast System: Spell point, Psychic Warrior count.

Chakra Reserves: As per Psychic Warrior, CON determining amount.

Insufficient Control Score: Pay 2chakra/rank to make up for it.

Extra Jutsu: 300xp per rank.

Average control score needed: 13+rank x 2, may differ according to jutsu.

Average Chakra cost: 2chakra per rank, may differ according to jutsu.

Insufficient level for Jutsu: Double chakra cost per rank needed.

Affinity: Select one at 1st level, -1chakra cost, -1 control needed to perform, reverse for opposed element.



  • One handed Seals: use off-hand for seals, able to keep main hand for items/weapons
  • Kenjutsu Stylist: May use high-level kenjutsu skills of chosen school
  • Clan Member (1st level only): Extra respect/money from clan, access to library, clan techniques, allies
  • Bloodline (Clan member prereq.): Access to bloodline and bloodline-specific jutsu
  • Increased Reserves: +2 chakra/level
  • Increased Control: +1 control
  • Jutsu Focus (element): +2 DC to elemental jutsu
  • Extra Affinity: Select additional chakra affinity
  • Ninja Art Specialist (Genjutsu/Taijutsu/Ninjutsu): +2 DC to jutsu
  • Seal Beginner/Advanced/Expert/Specialist: Access to fuuinjutsu, add DC, cut casting time
  • Taijutsu Stylist: Access to high-level taijutsu skills of chosen school


  • Restrained Chakra: 1/2 chakra reserves-extra feat, may be unable to use bloodline/chakra cost jutsu
  • Forbidden Art: may not learn a single type of jutsu


  • Extra Chakra Reserves: +4chakra, -1 control
  • Extra Control: +1 control, -4 chakra


BAB: Depends. Ninjutsu Specialists are 3/4, Taijutsu/kenjutsu specialists are 4/4

Class abilities:

  • Tree walking: Level 4, walk on trees, +1 control=1/4 turns
  • Water Walking: level 8, walk on water, +1 control, cost=1/turn
  • Flurry of Blows: extra attacks, as per Monk
  • Weapon Damage increase: Increase damage of one weapon by one step, every 3 levels
  • Evasion/Improved Evasion
  • Mettle/Improved Mettle
  • Bonus Feats: Every 4 levels

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