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(Some stuff)
(Some stuff)
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[[User:Sergejsvk/sandbox3|Sandbox 3]]
[[User:Sergejsvk/sandbox3|Sandbox 3]]
[[User:Sergejsvk/sandbox4|Sandbox 4]]
==Some DnD related stuff==
==Some DnD related stuff==

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About me Edit

I am relatively new to actual pnp dnd play, as i lived in a small town with no such comunity.

I'm studying Electroenergetics in a bigger citty and am starting to peek into the dnd world with a bunch of friends.

My pervious dnd experience was from BG,NWN and other similar pc games.

Some stuffEdit


Sandbox 1

Sandbox 2

Sandbox 3

Some DnD related stuffEdit

Good reference material.

This too.

Rofl... Nerd stat boosts :D

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