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November 8, 2009

Hi all! I will work on copying material from the other wiki over here. However, I will still be working there.

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I am currently developing my campaign for my next game. It involves a lich Sorcerer. The PC's will fight his armies, his officers, and finally, after going through the trap- and minion-filled lair, the half-dragon himself. 3 of his officers are 11th level brothers, one a Psion 5/Thrallherd 6, another is a Wizard 9/Thaumaturgist 2, and the last is a Psychic Warrior 6/Pyrokinetecist 5. However, beyond this outline, I still need to have an epic plot. If you think of one (also involving an epic-level party of my choosing) please tell me!

Also, my one of the organizations in my campaing will be the Daggerspell Guardians found in Complete Adventurer. I want to have a 4th faction in it (after Mages, Shapers, and Psions), for clerics who choose to fight with 2 daggers. If you can give me suggestions for the name or class abilities, it will help.

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