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Half-Shoes Edit

You are the result of an experiment using the DNA from a human mixed with the DNA from a shoe in an attempt to create a living sentient result.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 59'-65'
Average Weight: 130-180 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity +2,+2 to any other of your choice
Size: Medium
Speed: 8 squares
Vision: Darkvision, TremorSense 10
Languages: Common, One other of your choice
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Acrobatics
Nike Charge: You have +2 speed when charging
Padded Soul/Sole: You have a +5 to acrobatics checks to stay on your feet when falling and reducing fall damage. If you are not trained in acrobatics you are considered trained in it for the purposes of reducing damage and staying on your feet, but without the normal +5 bonus.
Running Punt: You gain the Running Punt power at 1st level

Running Punt Half-Shoe Racial Power
All the enemies see before their doom is a white flash..
Action Type::Standard Action Melee
Target: One Creature
Attack: +2 Str, +2 Dex, or +2 Constitution Vs. AC
Hit: 1d8+Str,Dex,or Con.Target is dazed and takes -2 penalty to attack until the end of your next turn.
Effect: Before you make this attack, move up to your speed.

This move provokes opportunity attacks as normal.

Gain a cumulative +1 bonus to attack and damage whenever any enemy other than your target hit's or misses you with an opportunity attack.This bonus does not have to be used on this turn,but it does on the next turn and must be used on the same target.You can may only use this bonus on one attack once per encounter.
Special: When you create your character choose strength, constitution, or dexterity as the ability score you use when making attack rolls with this power.This choice remains throughout your characters life and does not change the power's other effects.

Play an Half-Shoe if you want...

  • To be a outcast in society trying to fit in...
  • A disfigured person who used to be human trying to get back to your home planet...
  • To escape the constant eyes of knowledge thirsty mages...
  • To be a member of a race that favors almost any class the requires speed and dexterity to accomplish the job.

Physical Qualities Edit

Half Shoes, although at some point possibly humans, are now strangely disfigured and different. They are usually taller than humans and are slightly more broad in the shoulders. Their skin color is usually a solid color, typically white with blue stripes running down their sides. Their skin looks more like a mesh of slightly shiny fibers,and they always look like they are wearing a skin tight body suit.Their eyes are unusually colored, and can be any color from black to purple on the outside where the whites of human eye is. Some have pupils ,but the pupils are always black. Those that don't have pupils eye color covers their whole eye like a orb. Their head also looks like they are wearing a baklava on their face that sometimes will have different colors than the rest of their body but will always have the same colored stripes on their head, albeit sometimes slightly smaller and vein-like. Their hair comes out of stitches in the head that go over like a scalp and then a strip of stitches going horizontally starting from the middle of the scalp stitches running all the way down to the bottom of their feet and around to meet on the other side of their feet.The hair resembles thick strings with little plastic nubs at the end and is usually done in a Rasta style, and is always thick. Their faces look like the faces of angels with almost no nose and mouth, but when they open their mouth to eat a small stitch where a mouth might be appears and opens to eat food.

Playing an Half-ShoeEdit

Half Shoes are rarely encounters anywhere by anyone for a couple of reasons. One, most Half-Shoes are extremely xenophobic or out of control, and become hermits in the woods sad for themselves and hate their physical selves, and are emotionally scarred because of the treatment they have been given.Two, Half-Shoes are still in captivity at various magical academies for research. Three, they are rare in the first place numbering only about 500,000 in total, and most in hiding. The fourth is that most half-shoes do not come from any dimension that wizards know of; they do not come from the the fey wilds, the shadowfell,the astral sea, the nine hells, the elemental chaos or the abyss, and they don't even come from the far realms although some half-shoes have claimed to come back from there unscathed traveling through magical tubes with magically reinforced glass and talked about the horrors they saw and had to overcome mentally through the glass. These half-shoes actually come from a Universe, as they call it, totally separate and different called THE MILKY WAY, and are deformed humans from the planet EARTH, although most existing on this plane of existence are just copies of the original come from that seperate Universe They Claim to be from a guild of people called The Rastafarians and most exert high level magic powers with the colors red,yellow,green,and black.


Male Names: Nike, Adidas,Alexander, Mcqueen, Armani, Junior, Belle, Sigerson, Morrison, Bettye, Muller, Bikkemberg, Botkier, Bulga, Calvin, Klein, Carlos, Falchi, Carolina, Herrera, CC, Skye, Celine, Cesare, Paciotti, Christian, Lacroix, Dolce, Gabbana, David, Heston, Delman, Donna, Karan, Elie, Tahari, Emilo, Pucci, Fabien, Baron, Galliano, Givenchy, Gravati,Giuseppe, Zanottie, Gustto, Just, Cavalli, Prada, Paul, Smith

Female Names:Nike, Adidas, Alexander, Mcqueen,Armani,Junior,Belle,Sigerson,Morrison,Bettye,Muller,Bikkemberg,Botkier,Bulga,Calvin,Klein,Carlos,Falchi,Carolina,Herrera,CC,Skye,Celine,Cesare,Paciotti,Christian,Lacroix, Dolce,Gabbana,David, Heston,Delman,Donna,Karan,Elie,Tahari,Emilo,Pucci,Fabien,Baron,Galliano,Givenchy,Gravati,Giuseppe,Zanottie,Gustto,Just,Cavalli,Prada,Paul,Smith

Half-Shoe Adventurers Edit

Three sample Half-Shoe adventurers are described below.

Nike is a Half-Shoe rouge with a quick mind and an even sharper dagger. Since he has landed in the midst of an adventuring party slaying a band of goblins he has stayed with them ever since, becoming an hero across the lands.

Donna is a Half-Shoe bard who escaped from her magical imprisonment in a Wizard's Tower and hid herself in the nearest city as a wandering bard. She lived contently for many years, running and hiding from city to city as the Wizard tried to catch her. After a while she got bored with running and hiding and met up with an adventuring group leaving out of town who had heard of her musical prowess. Since than she has slowly and steadily gained peace of mind and comfort with her new friends; nothing can get her now!

Junior is a old half-shoe fighter who has forgotten most of his past life on the planet Earth, but remembers that somehow is mutation went wrong and was stuck between the planes for many years, although already old, somehow enabling him to not be able to die of old age and stay fit like he was young. Using this to his help the world he now considers his own, he uses his powers to thwart of evil and help the powers of good..

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