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Here's a handy listing of adventure seeds for one-shot games and the like that I might run. Mostly, this list is there to draw inspiration from. Since I tend to like player-driven games, this is as much for players to skim as it is for me to reference.

  • The Hall of Records scales very well to any level.
  • The Tomb of Iuchiban is probably better for characters toward the high-end of the setting's level range. In a one-shot that's not in an established world, it makes perfectly good sense at any level, and the world has to scale appropriately. Ongoing campaigns probably shouldn't start here, though.
  • The Garden of Gretel the Snowshaper changes dramatically between being significantly lower-level and only slightly lower-level than the simulacra. Doesn't make it inappropriate at any level unless the simulacra have to gang up on you to pose a threat.
  • The Closed Shafts are mostly good for low and mid-level games. Wish-economy characters don't care about the mithral and are usually strong enough to curb-stomp the aboleths.
  • Also, another dungeon:
  • The Lost Capital is the capital of an ancient empire that had a planar metropolis on the material plane. Then the empire collapsed and the capital got buried. Now it's a dungeon, and it has portals in it to all sorts of places, both on and off the material plane. So it's a dungeon with all sorts of things in it that crawled in through portals, dungeon branches in various places, and so on. This might work better as a quick campaign than as a one-shot adventure, but a quick delve into and out of the capital is possible as a one-shot. Depending on how deep in the capital you go, this can be level-appropriate for anything.

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