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Character page for user:IGTN/Campaign PageEdit

Player: Vebyast

Tyic Daigh, ruins-crawling genre-savvy earth genasi wizard. Building for Planecrosser followed by Worldsmith. Character sheet here.

Salient points: Cure spells are on his spell list one to two levels early, so he's a pretty darn good healer. Clockwork Centurion eventually grants a small horde of automatons and a pretty nasty cohort.

Future advancement: transport abilities and creation abilities. Greater Teleport feat and Planecrosser PrC for transport, item creation and Worldsmith PrC for creation.

Physical descriptionEdit

copypasta'd from the character sheet for easy reference:

Tyic Daigh would be mistaken for a tall, thin dwarf if it weren't for the fact that he's completely hairless and that he dresses completely wrong. He'd be mistaken for a very short, squat human if it weren't for the fact that the whites and irises of his eyes are matte black, surrounding large, glossy pupils. His skin is dark, and his facial features are more blocky than those of a human. Although he's not ripped, his muscles are sufficiently well-defined to show that they're not placed exactly correctly, and his joints move in directions that are just noticeably not human or dwarf.

Tyic prefers to wear utilitarian adventuring gear rather than traditional wizard robes. He stores his wizarding gear in pockets sewn to a heavy, sleeveless duster. Over the duster, he wears a leather equipment harness, from which he hangs heavier gear (such as weapons, his spellbook, a large crowbar, and rope).

Spells per DayEdit

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