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This page is for organizing my new online play-by-post group.

The game has left the station. Woo!

Orders of BusinessEdit

What are we doing for this game?


Player ListEdit


Since the player list has sat this short for this long and nobody but me has stepped up to DM, instead proposing campaign concepts at me, that makes me DM.

Campaign ConceptEdit

The campaign will psuedo-playtest the Book of Elements (basically seeing if the rules in it work for at least one actual game. Math-hammer playtesting goes elsewhere), using the Unmaking campaign seed. It'll start on the material plane, but as you level you'll go around and explore the Inner Planes and adventure on at least a few of them. I'm playing my hand close to my chest for advance ideas for now. For more immediate ideas, see the talk page.

Chat has been productive enough to hammer this down. The campaign is starting as 3rd-level characters in Bladereach. A lot of the game will be sandbox-structured, but you will have enemies that have timetables, so if you waste too much time the world might end.

Character CreationEdit

My preferred roll method for character creation is this: As a group, roll 4d6 drop lowest for each number, and make four sets (maybe do more for larger groups) of six. Pick one of those sets, and arrange them among your abilities as you like. Everyone can pick the same one, and, in many cases, should.

Stat Array OptionsEdit

16, 14, 14, 12, 9, 7
18, 15, 15, 11, 11, 10
16, 14, 14, 14, 11, 11
17, 14, 12, 12, 11, 9


I don't really care about most of your equipment. You get one scaling minor magic item, general adventuring and combat equipment (armor if you wear it, backup weapons, skill tools, backpacks, and so on), but nothing really elite (like mithral armor), plus, let's say, six hundred GP for consumables, mounts, and upgrades (i.e., potions, scrolls, warhorses, and making your general equipment masterwork). Cheap consumables like ordinary arrows don't come out of this budget.

Also, the group's ration of healing items comes out of its own budget. I'll put it before the group for a vote. Either:

If you want your own personal ration of healing potions, that comes out of your expendables budget.

After character creation, resource availability will change. Magic items, especially non-consumables, will be more easily obtained. Consumables may be more or less easily obtained, depending on where you go.

Background infoEdit

For your background, and personality, I'll want enough info to know that you won't conflict with anyone else too much. We also need to settle what we're doing about alignments (we're using the Planar Flag system; I've gone over this in chat, but the discussion of how aligned people act in the Tome of Fiends is still relevant).

Also, since I'm building the world with character creation, I'm delegating some place and NPC creation to you, too. In your background, write a few NPCs (no more than six, no fewer than three, and I'd prefer five). Each should get a bit of writing about them, although minimal game mechanics (___ is a skilled wizard is OK. ___ is 6th-level is not). If you're writing more than a paragraph about each one, ur doing it rong. Include their relationship to your character, how they feel about you and vice versa, and so on. At least one should be an enemy or rival, and at least one should be a family member, mentor, or friend; there should probably be more people they like than hate. For places, same thing; two paragraph maximum about where you're from, where your haunts are, and so on. No more than one paragraph for one place, within or outside of Bladereach. Also, figure out why you know and are working with everyone else. No more than two sentences per person, one sentence for most. Optionally, come up with one or two sentences describing something heroic (not necessarily Good, just impressive) your character did.

If I'm not on to chat about these, post characters (concepts and so on) on subpages of this page.

Ongoing GameplayEdit

Player Notes

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