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About MeEdit

hello im new here i have joined in 30.12.2009 i play role playing games for more then 20 years. until now i was using the pen and paper method. most of the role playing games i played where dungeons and dragons 2nd edition i was introduced to wikis as part of my work i work as a biology and biotechnology teacher in high school in Israel i was excited by the idea that we can all contribute our creativity together to a big data base that we all can use later on.

About my gameEdit

our style of play is the old fashion way. get to the dungeon, slay the mobs, figure out how to pass the trap and achieve your goals, eventually get xp, gp, and be happy. i know, not very sophisticated but that keeps us happy. so you may find my entries very simple.

My CreationsEdit

This list contains my articles


Name Summary Beginning Levels Length

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Name Summary Price

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My Help LinksEdit

In this section ill put some helpfull links and examples for codes. just to make it easier for me to find stuff I will need later on.

3.5e NPC Editing Instructions example Adept Necro-mage Gnoll
Wiki Codes memo page

To do listEdit

  1. add treasuries for the Adept Necro-mage Gnoll and the Acolyte Necro-mage Gnoll
  2. finish The Duskwall Plateau (3.5e Quest)

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