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why do i need this page?Edit

here ill memo the codes that i learned so i will not need to look for them all around.

the <nowiki></nowiki> CodeEdit

this code disables the wiki coding for everything between the <nowiki></nowiki> signs. its usable to show the needed codes within an article without actually using the code. to make it show the text in a white box i need to add one space before the first <nowiki>. for example:

 <nowiki>{{Stat Block 2
|al= |size= |type=
|init= |listen= |spot=
|ac= |touch= |flat=
|hp= |hd=
|fort= |ref= |will=
|bab= |grp=

how to add summaryEdit

find a describing sentance it the text and add

[[Summary::text here]]

to add an unseen summary in the page

<span style="display:none"> [[Summary::text here]]</span>

dont forget the two:: after the word "Summary"

{{#set:Summary=text here}}.

how to make some stuff from the edit page to not appear at the articleEdit

add it between <span style="display:none">text here</span> for example on the article of Glowcap Mushrooms (3.5e Equipment) i wanted to add summary that will not show in article so i did it like this

<span style="display:none"> [[Summary::text here]]</span>

how to make referencesEdit

after the word needed to add reference add <ref>"text here"</ref> the text here will be shown at the bottom of the page. remember to add <references/> at the place to show the references

how to add explanations at the edit page that will not be counted as wiki text and will not be shown in the articleEdit

write it between

<!-- text goes here -->

examle of "back to.. line"Edit

Back to [[Main Page]] → [[Dungeons and Dragons]] → [[3.5e Equipment|Equipment]]

add an author templateEdit

|author_name=enter text here
|date_created=enter text here
|status=enter text here

template of adding a table with summary by categoriesEdit

for example this table will collect all articles with 3.5e, user, equipment, alchemical and mundane categories

{| class="sortable d20" style="text-align: left;"
! Name !! Summary
{{#ask: [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] [[Category:Alchemical]] [[Category:Mundane]]
|template=Table Row

how to make a link to some section in the same page or section in other pageEdit

To make a link to a section of a page, use the following syntax:

  • [[#B]] links to the section titled "B" on the current page (for example, #Wikilinks links to the Wikilinks section on this page).
  • [[A#B]] links to the section titled "B" on page "A".

The section title in fact points to an anchor on the target page. It is possible to define anchors other than explicit section titles, using the HTML code <span id="anchor_name">...</span>, or the template {{Anchor|anchor name}} (see {{Anchor}} syntax). However [[#top]] is a reserved name that links to the top of a page.

text in a boxEdit

<div style="border: 2px outset; padding: 1em;">
{|class="{{d20}} collapsible hidden" style="width:75%; text-align:left;"
|+ write your box name here
| style="border: 0;" | 
add text here

Another way to make text in a box

upper textEdit

to make text appear above use:

<sup>text here</sup>

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